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  1. Turkey – An Export Profile Atlantric – Nov 2013
  2. Italy in the World Economy   Ministry of Economic Development, Rome – July 2012
  3. 10 Reasons to go International  Richard P. Biggs, CEO, Atlantric llc  – Feb 2013
  4. What’s involved in exporting? – The export process  Atlantric llc – May 2o13
  5. Is your company ready to export?  Atlantric llc – May 2o13
  6. Licensing – is it a good strategy for expanding business overseas?   Atlantric llc – May 2o13
  7. Atlantric Company Profile  Atlantric llc – Apr 2013
  8. 10 Reasons to Export to the United States  Atlantric llc – Sept 2013
  9. 6 Reasons to Export  Atlantric llc – Oct 2013


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